Train like never before

TrainXL believes in giving everybody more from their trainings. A simpler easier and more rewarding training is possible.

What we are about

TrainXL came out of a need to change the way trainings are organized and conducted. Learning can be fun and finding the right trainer doesn’t need to be hard or costly. TrainXL is our take on how the corporate training landscape can be changed to a more rewarding experience for all those involved. The site focuses on the three people who matter most.

The Trainee – we offer a single place for the trainee to work with the trainer. A forum where they can ask follow up questions, download training material as well as give feedback.

The Trainer– a single place where they can get the exposure they need with clients, collaborate with peers and setup labs for trainings as well as identify new opportunities.

The Client- review feedback, post training and find trainers or have them bid for the project, coordinate with the trainer directly (no middle man), compare your learning and development strategy with others in the industry.

The fact that there are no middle men reduces the cost for the client and rewards the trainer more effectively. We rate trainers and clients based on previous feedback this ensures that quality is rewarded. Watch our videos for more information.



A host of reports and access to the raw data allows our clients and trainers to refine their approach. Compare across companies, trainers and skills.

Easy Search

No more vendors to go through. Simply search for the areas you want to address as part of the training and find best trainer profiles in seconds.


Looking for a trainer with a proven track record, look no further.

IT Help

Use cloud deployments to reduce the cost of setting up the training from scratch. No more complex IT requirements or improper lab setup.


Need a place to train; we can help with our partner organizations across the country.


Have trainers XLBid for projects or simply grant the trainer the project directly.


Easy, secure and hassle free management of costing. Compare trainer rates to find one in your budget. Automatic invoice generation and optional Escrow account facilities.

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