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    Learn from experts
    Access Trainer Content
    Rate your trainer
    Get More exposure
    Connect across locations
    Access top Clients
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    Apply for trainings
    Browse through 100’s of trainings posted by clients across the country.
    Apply to your choice of jobs and get hired at the rate you deserve.
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    Cost effective
    Search for skilled and experienced trainers based
    on feedback reports and costing that suits you.
    Make each training fruitful by hiring the best.
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    Trainings for Careers
    Gain real knowledge
    with hands-on experience
    from best trainers in their field

Why Join TrainXL

Be a member and get access to 100’s of corporate trainers skilled and highly experienced in their
respective fields. Look for feedback, rating, number of trainings done, etc. and hire the best for your employees.

Rate | Share | Improve

Quality must be rewarded and that is why we collect feedback at every stage from technical discussions to post training. Technical panel and trainees share their experience which reflects on the trainer profile. Trainers learn about their strengths and weaknesses while clients get to choose good trainers

Cost Effective Trainings

By eliminating the commission of a vendor, we enable clients to choose experienced trainers at affordable fees. By offering our select clients the escrow facility we take care of all the administrative hassles around PO and Invoice generation as well as fulfillment. All this is done on a secure site and a dedicated relationship manager to answer any questions our users have.

Search Corporate Trainers

We provide you the option to do a quick search based on your requirement for the best trainers at any particular location. You can invite trainers based on their experience, knowledge and feedback or post a job and shortlist trainers from the bidders list. Our simplified navigation helps you access trainer profiles, shortlist, invite for technical discussion and hire with contracts, PO, etc. within a few minutes

Reports Compare Insights

Powerful reports give you Insight. Know how much to charge and how much to pay. Compare feedback, cost, skills, content and much more. Get more per training from qualified and tested trainers who have conducted trainings in other companies similar to yours.

Take a Quick Tour

This video explains what we are about and why TRAINXL is the solution you were always looking but just never knew it !! Infact we are so sure you won't want to go back to the old ways that we offer the first month of usage free. Just ask our sales team to start your trial offer and get set to change the way you Train within your organization.

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