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This site provides a common marketplace for trainers and those who seek trainings. The site covers a number of training related aspects such as finding the right trainer. Getting the details for the training course and commercials as well as logistic support such as venues and hotel accommodation. The site also provides companies the ability to compare how their training methodologies compare with others in their space.
In order to register with the site we need to identify if you are a trainer or company. Registration for trainers is free for the first year. For companies we offer attractive packages as well as discounts. In order to register as a trainer please visit the register page link on the footer of this page. To register as a company please click here and one of our business managers will get in touch with you directly.
Companies as well as trainers are provided with the option of collecting feedback from participants over the course of the training. The feedback is then made available to both parties in order to compare notes. We also offer comparison reports across business , technologies and trainers to ensure that clients are able to see how they are doing with respect to others.
Trainers and companies using the basic package are allowed to use the survey site with the static industry defined questions. Companies with the Premium package are allowed to add their own questions to the training. However cross industry comparison reports will not be possible for client defined questions.
Currently we support PayPal as over online payment method. We are working feverishly to provide additional payment methods in the near future.
In order to fill the survey every participant must use the username and password provided by the trainer at the time of registering the course. Once the username and password have been entered the participant must click Trainee button and will automatically be directed to the Survey page. On the survey page the participant is requested to fill in the required details and then press Finish in order to complete the survey
The trainings are rated on a scale of 1-5. 5 is the highest rating and 1 the least.
The feedback is anonymous to the trainer.
No , in order to ensure the highest level of quality and ensure fairness to all we do not allow feedback to be removed from the trainer profile.
All payments are done directly between the client and the trainer. Any disputes need to be settled between the parties directly. However if we receive complaints regularly about a client or trainer we reserve the right to blacklist them. No refunds will be issued in such cases.
Score refers to the average feedback score for the trainer for all trainings conducted by them. If a trainer trains across technologies this score is average overall score.
The count is the count of trainings performed by the trainer on this site. A count of 1 is assigned for every course the trainer has conducted regardless of number of participants
Base is the home location of the trainer , this means the trainer is a resident of the City indicated.
As a participant your feedback will help improve the quality of the trainings however if you would like to opt out of the training you are free to do so.

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