Get Certified

A brief summary

IT Professionals are in constant demand and to be the best of breed it’s vital that they keep refining their skill set. Certification courses not only enhance your credibility in the market but also bring you closer to your career goal. For a service based company, certified employees directly impacts the business turnover as the clients are more inclined to outsource their business to team of certified professionals.

What you will gain

There are many certification courses available for almost all technologies, databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, BigData and Hadoop, Cloud Computing,.Net, Java, smalltalk, management and learning, soft skills, communication skills, etc. Assisting your employees become certified professionals help the organization in many ways

  • Higher Talent and Skills retention
  • Competitive advantage for services firms
  • Future ready Knowledge Assets.
  • Increase Measurable Results and Profit Margins


In a highly competitive market, leading firms are encouraging the culture of learning and development. In order to gain an edge companies are allotting budget for training the employees to become certified professionals. This helps in gaining employee loyalty and reduces employee attrition rate dramatically. Organizations can arrange trainer led classroom trainings for their employees to learn from the office premise



TrainXL is your one stop platform where you can find expert certified trainers for your employees. It’s simple to search profiles that match your requirement and directly contact them. We provide you everything from raising a contract to releasing payments. You can choose from a list of seasoned trainers based on their previous trainings. You can compare trainers based on their experience, employee feedback, etc.

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